The Metropolitan Museum of Art said Tuesday that it would limit attendance to roughly 10,000 visitors per day because of the highly infectious Omicron variant. During a normal holiday season, the museum would expect nearly twice as many visitors.

“The safety of our staff and visitors remains our top priority,” the Met’s chief executive, Daniel H. Weiss, said in a statement. “Reduced density is a first step we can take — and our dedicated staff has done an extraordinary job in making necessary changes to adapt to our pub…….

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Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know this Tuesday, December 21.


Artist and Curator Jenni Crain Dies at 30 – The New York-based artist, curator, and dealer Jenni Crain has died at age 30 from complications related to Covid-19. The young talent was known for her minimalist sculptures as well as her writing that furthered the legacies of women artists. She will have two exhibitions in 2022, at Gordon Robichaux and Kerry Schuss gallery. (ARTn…….

Call it the negative restaurant review heard ’round the world.

Yes, we’re talking about that one, in which writer Geraldine DeRuiter posted a scathing review on her website about Bros’, a restaurant in Lecce, in Southern Italy, that has the honour of being the only restaurant in the country with a Michelin star. DeRuiter described a recent pricey multi-course meal (as much as €200 per person) at what she called “the worst Michelin Starred Restaurant, Ever.”

She described “meat molecules,” (or “meat droplets,”) “frozen air,” …….

Art world luminaries have signed an open letter in support of Portuguese artist Grada Kilomba and curator Bruno Leitão after the curator spoke out in his own open letter against the judging process that rejected their proposal for the Portuguese pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale.

Their proposed exhibition titled “A Ferida/The Wound” explores racism and Portugal’s colonial legacy, while tackling the climate crisis, human rights, and the increasing “militarization” of human relations. The jury appointed by the Portuguese ministry of culture scored the project h…….

Doctors worn out from pandemic now managing surge in COVID-19 testing requests amid holidays

The pandemic is raging in Michigan at a rate not seen since COVID-19 first arrived in the state. While the vast majority of those in the hospital and in the ICU infected with the disease are unvaccinated, breakthrough cases tied to the omicron variant is posing a danger to everyone.

TUESDAY NEWS HIT – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will be holding a Tuesday press conference to address the surging COVID-19 cases in Michigan amid the emergence of the omicron variant.

Whitmer will be joine…….

“I haven’t been to the Met in years,” Mattea Volpe, who is 10 years old, recalled bemoaning on her ride to the opera house. “I was exaggerating, but then I was like, ‘Wait, I actually haven’t!’”

No children had.

When she took her red velvet seat last week, Mattea became one of the first children under 12 allowed back inside the Metropolitan Opera House since the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to close in March 2020. When the Met reopened this September, its strict vaccine mandate kep…….

From stained glass and high-end walls to turquoise floors and shimmering cobalt finishes, mosaics have always been an art form of freedom for artists. This art has evolved in style, materials and finishes from the Renaissance to the modern age, but the charm remains the same. Although modern varnishes and tiles have topped the market, mosaic still has a place among people who prefer sophisticated designs and elite architecture — and Mosaicist Inc. is a leader here. The premier, world-renowned architectural mosaic design company is based in Miami, Florida, offer…….